a place of mind

The Jump Start program provides new international students and First Nations students with academic preparation for university life at UBC. ARTs 14’s daily meetings will focus on UBC’s brand tagline: A Place of Mind. We will look at UBC as a location and as an institution, and consider the importance of learning in a place, from a place, and about a place. We will explore concepts such as community, research, learning, and the ways in which they impact each other. A central objective will be to build a community that will support you through your time at UBC and beyond.


  1. Hi, I am Kangkang. I like animals, especially cats. I like Asian thrillers, especially Korean thrillers and Thai thrillers. I never eat chocolate, I don’t like it at all. Today we had great time together in the rose park. I hope I can make more and more new friends in this program.


  2. My name is Pan, I am from China. Three important things about me would be: No.1, I almost never eat vegetables, No.2, I am not good at sports and No.3, I am shy and not very good at communicating with people.


  3. Important Things: Multilingual, do not miss my city at all and start liking studying since college

    My expectation: To be able to get to know learning and teaching mode in UBC and meet people before the start of the semester.


  4. Three things about me (Joanna Ness)
    – has played piano since I was 5
    – Community Service is very important to me
    – I love to work, and the independence and confidence it brings!


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